Delta Waterfowl’s 2013 Spring Raffle

All ticket buyers will be able to enjoy Delta Waterfowl’s 2013 Spring Raffle knowing they are spending money on continued conservation efforts.
With 40 prizes to be raffled off, such as a 2013 Polaris Sportsman, commemorative Stoeger 12 gauge coach shotgun and a Wood Duck box signed by multiple legendary stock car drivers, a $50 ticket seems to be a little bit easier to explain to my wife.
Take a look at the whole prize list before the deadline on July 1, 2013. Then be sure to not miss the drawings on July 5th. Delta Waterfowl gives you the options to purchase your tickets through the site with a debit/credit card (North Dakota gaming law does not allow credit to be extended for raffles. Please enter your debit card information only) or by contacting Delta’s Bismarck office at 1-888-987-3695.