Out with the old, in with the new site.

The Fowl Life LOGOChad Belding, waterfowl specialist from Banded Nation and the Fowl Life has rolled out a whole new website.

As the Banded empire continues to grow, a new-modern and user friendly website becomes live.  The new www.BandedNation.com  becomes the home of The Fowl Life.  The website also brings all of their co-brands into one place.  Such as Dead Dog Walkin, Banded Fushion, Banded Hunts and much more.

The website offers fans live twitter feeds, news & updates, on-the-road blogs and many clickable links.  The Banded Nation is now also offering you a way to become part of the Banded Nation for as low as $25.  Not to forget they are holding a contest for a lucky winner to hunt with Chad by purchasing a package of Lucky Brand Jerkey for as little at $5.

Banded Capture

They are also showing off their new Banded Gear, from hats 7 shirts to can koozies.   Head over and check it out for yourself, www.BandedNation.com.