The Colored-Enhanced Shot



If you have ever hunted with multiple friends in the blind, you know what’s it’s like for everyone to shoot at one bird then everyone claim it.  Well, now you can be certain if you shot it or not with Spectra Shots new premium shotgun shell.  Watch the video below to see first-hand!

Spectra Shot™ rolled out with a game changing shot shell for skeet shooting, turkey and waterfowl.  Loaded with a quality wad, hull, powder, and their patented -coated pellets, each shell makes for an optimal shot.

Their American made steel is cut and polished to tolerance making 99% of the pellets exactly the same.  While the coating is a DuPont type and also made by an American corporation.  The coating has been approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as it is non-toxic and leaves no residue.  A great benefit of this coating is, it adds a little bit of weight allowing for better impact and more clean kills.  Spectra Shot offers 4 colors such as Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.


With an average speed of 1480fps and the recoil management at the forefront of their engineering and design, the recoil was measured less than 30ft pounds.  Adding their coating to this helps even more by allowing a little faster show but not breaking up the pattern at the same time.