WI – Sharpen your waterfowl shot.

East Troy, Wis. – As the pre-season gets closer, most waterfowlers will head down to their favorite shooting range to bust a box or two worth of clay pigeons.

Trap, skeet, and sporting clays provides us a challenge in a control environment.  They attract hunters by 10s of thousands year after year.  With clay pigeons being the target these sports, we as waterfowlers seek it to better our shot and become more familiar with the pattern of our favorite load.   Thus, making our skill level higher and wounded bird count lower.

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has brought a pilot program to their hunters this year.  Their “Wingshooting for Migratory Birds” program is intended to help with over-all shooting, shotgun patterning,  technique of leading, distance estimation, selection of loads and chokes as well as the awareness  and effectiveness of shooting ranges.

This program is a great idea, especially for those just getting into shooting and/or waterfowl hunting.  I wouldn’t be surprised if other State DNR began to follow suit.