Early season goose hunting tips.

Early season goose hunting tips.

Once again that time year has come upon us, as hunters we patiently wait for the hunting season to start. During the off season we have to prepare ourselves for a successful season ahead. As early goose season begins there are some things that are going to be important to know to have a successful season.

1. Preparation- prepare your self for the weather conditions. It maybe an early in the season but the mornings will be much colder than the days. Hunt comfortable not miserable. it’s better to pack more clothes than less.

2. Scouting and location- it is so important to put in the time and effort to scout so when opening day comes you will have the geese located and patterned. The best time to scout geese will be early and late in the afternoon. In the morning they are making their morning flight to their feeding ground which would be the perfect setup spot for early morning setup. Scouting late in the afternoon will be a very important. Once you know where the geese are resting at night you will then know where to setup the next morning.

1174430_10151549938746813_821496944_n3. Blind setup- There’re many different blinds out on the market today but the best way to find the right blind all depends on where you are hunting and what you are comfortable hunting in. Pit blinds are one of the most common blinds for hunting in a field with a group of friends. You can move a round a bit more and have a bit more comfort in the blind. Another common blind being used for goose hunting in fields are lay out blinds. Layout blinds are one man blinds that you layout in or around your decoy spread to conceal your presents.

4. Decoy setup- when it comes to early season goose hunting your decoy setup will be very important. Unlike hunting in the late season where you are targeting more migratory birds the early season1174283_10151549938741813_940205894_n will consist of more young immature Juvenal birds. There’re 2 deadly way to set up your decoys for this time of year. 1: setup your decoy in to small family groups consisting of 5-7 decoys per set. 2: make a decoy spread as you would during the late season into a U shape where they have a landing zone in front your blind but instead of using a ton of decoys in this set back off to about 15-25 birds.

1232421_10151549917431813_1036605454_n5. Calling- Most of the off season we practice out calling waiting the arrival of opening day. The most common mistake we make when it comes to early season calling is that we want to call too hard like we are calling late season birds who have been pressured throughout the season. The key think to remember is that the majority of the birds coming in during early season will be young Juvenal birds who are not call smart yet. Don’t get out there opening day and blowing your best because in reality you are only educating uneducated birds. Best calls for early season hunting will be giving a few clucks and honks here and there as the birds are flying. Once those birds cup those wings lay off the calls they are committed to landing and know where to land if the decoys are setup just right.

6. Enjoy the hunt- Every hunt doesn’t consist of a harvest and thats not what hunting is all about. Hunting is about enjoying gods creation and spending time out in the outdoors with family and friends. It’s about making memories that will last and sharing a life long tradition that has been handed down to us as we should hand it down to the next generation. The next time you go out hunting and think you didn’t bring home anything just think back to the time you spent in the blind listening to the birds, hearing the laughter of a dear friend, and making the best memory that you could ever imagine.


Josh “SonoftheSouth” Carney

Early season goose hunting can be the best goose hunting known to goose hunters. The birds are much easier to work for a beginning goose hunter or for seasoned veterans. I recommend you take a child on some early season goose hunts and get them hooked in the great sport of hunting. Enjoy your goose season and safe hunting!!

Joshua Carney