Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of the year when we start scrambling for those great gift and stocking stuffers.  We have taken the privilege to collect a few great ideas.  Not only are they inexpensive but useful.

Hitch Covers – These Avery Greenhead, Canada Goose and Struttin’ Gobbler Hitch Covers would make a great stocking stuffer at only $4.99!  Click here to shop:

Tee in a Cup – The Duck Dynasty “Tee in a Cup” Short Sleeve Tee/Cup Combo is great for women or men in your family!  Available in sizes Large and Extra Large for $7.99 here:

Drake Bottle and Can Koozies – Summer time will be here before you know and these koozies are a great addition!  Available in Mossy Oak Duck Blind and the can is available in Realtree Max-4 for $3.95 & $5.99 here:

Camouflage Safety/Shooting Glasses – Don’t let the sun ruin a chance of seeing some birds fly by.  Get a pair of the Radians Journey Camouflage Safety Glasses.  Available in Mossy Oak Breakup/Smoke & Max-4/Clear for $5.99 here:

Handwarmer – Finish off that stocking with warms hands!  Haha, yeah that was cheesy wasn’t it, sorry about that!   The Final Approach Mossy Oak Duck Blind Handwarmer is an unbelievably priced item that only will fill up the stocking but make the duck hunter in your life extremely happy!  Great brand and quality, check it out here:

Check out many more stocking stuffers by clicking here:

5 Items To Have In Your Bag

Most blind bags have one or two extra pockets that sometimes, let’s face it, we don’t use.  Well here are 5 items to have in your bag’s extra pockets.

trash_bags_3Black Trash Bag – A black trash bag has a lot of different possible uses.  While setting out decoys in a pond, a friend of mine tripped and filled up his waders full of water.  Keep in mine, this was in January.  With an extra hoodie and a black trash bag in his truck, he quickly changed clothes.  Using the trash bag as a shirt, he was able to stay warm just enough to get a limit and head to the house.

A black trash bag can be tucked away in the smallest hole within your bag and be used for a wind block, waterproof bandages, fight hypothermia, cold compress, water container, storage, water filter, rain cover and may other emergency and survival needs.

shoppingPortable Battery Charger – Even though a lot of you may say that you do not carry your phone on you, we recommend you should.  Keep it turned off to avoid interruptions is a great way to save battery and I don’t blame you for not wanting to get phone calls or texts!  But carry it on you for one reason, in case something happens.

To make sure you have all the battery life you need, get a portable battery charger.  Most of these can be found by shopping on online or in most stores.  You charge them the night before you hunt and toss it in a ziploc bag in your blind bag and you’re set.  Most will have at least a 1500mah battery that when turned off, will last a very long time.  Once your cell phone’s battery is getting close to dieing, plug it into your portable charger!  It will charge your phone to 100%!

antiseptic-wipes_285_large_imageAntiseptic Wipes – Not a lot of explanation with this one.  They are small and effective for sanitizing any time of wound and/or cleaning your hands after handle any raw meat.  They can be purchased at any Walmart or CVS/Pharmacy stores.



Bayer Aspirin – Take a few of these, place them into one or two ziploc bags (to waterproof) then put them in your bag!  The best for pain relief and to reduce the risks of a heart attack and stroke.

tealight-candlesTea Light Candles – This is in the same category as the black trash bags above, a lot of uses.  A tea light candle is small and can be placed in any pocket or available hole in your bag.

These are great for keeping a flame, create a small heater along with a can or bottle, small flame for quickly sanitizing the point of a knife or even a needle, instant lamp and will light very easily once the wick has been burned.

All of these items can easily fit into any blind bag pocket.  As well as any of the Otterbox Dryboxes, I personally like the 1000 series.  Check out all the Dryboxes here:,default,sc.html

Call Bridle

“The Call Bridle is just another tool to make your hunt a little smoother!”

Keep your calls closer, warmer, safer, hidden, instantly available – these are benefits of the Call Bridle from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors. This neoprene tool is another great product from Down-N-Dirty that kinda makes you think, “why didn’t someone think of this earlier?”.

The Call Bridle provides four individual call pouches with each attaching your calls to a d-ring using black straps. The bridle feature neoprene neck straps and under-arm straps. This is great for any type of hunting such as laying on a pond dam or in a layout blind where your calls slide to one side.

Check out this video from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors:

Keep Your Calls Warm

As the winter season approaches us, so does freezing temperatures that will cause our duck and goose call reeds to freeze.  Depending how the birds are working and if it is slow we tend to trying fixing it by taking the call apart and drying the reeds with our gloves or other pieces of clothing. Which is the best way to lose a reed or wedge.

There are a few inexpensive and effective methods and products for helping to keep your calls warm.  Below we have listed these suggestions for both new and experienced waterfowl hunters to take advantage of, if not already.

callcoozyCall Coozy – The Call Coozy, a lightweight fitted neoprene cover that fits over your duck and goose calls, not only prevents freezing but also protects you call/s.  The neoprene insulating properties work well in freezing conditions.  Once on, it also keeps your calls from falling apart and prevents any shiny bands from deterring the birds.  Price: $3.99 (Wing Supply)


rainxRainX – Now this one may seem far-fetched, but actually it has worked.  This is more of a personal suggestion that has worked in the past and I will continue to use it.  I tried this using the RainX 2-IN-1 Foam Glass Cleaner.  RainX being known for their windshield treatment has begun to be a useful tool at the beginning and ending of my season.  Just treat your reed/s and inside of your call/s at least a day before hunting.  This has worked so well, I presented the idea to market this and talked with their R&D dept.  Price: $4.99-$6.99 (Wal-Mart)

hothandsHotHands – By now if you have hunted in the cold you probably are already carrying these in your bag.  Wader Jacket pockets, wader pockets, hand-warmers or even just tucking them at the top of your waders.  These are just some ideas of using a HotHands warmer.  A great products that works great with this method is the Call Bridle.  Price: $1.97 (Wal-Mart)

Take An Extra Moment

Many things can happen while hunting to make it dangerous.  Such as a clogged shotgun barrel, a ricocheted bullet, use of improperly sized shell or bullet or carrying a loaded gun.  So we take precautions to prevent these from happening.  But there is only so much you can do when you or another hunter does not take the same proper safety precautions.

Just a couple days ago, in Foster County, ND a duck hunter was shot in the lower abdomen after a deer hunter shot at a running deer.  These duck hunters were in the mist of putting on their blazing orange clothing when this accident happened.  As of today, there have not been any updates of this investigation but the local Sheriff reported the injury did not appear to be life threating.

In Oct. 2013, a newlywed duck hunter just 23 years old was fatally shot by his friend while duck hunting from a boat.    As a group of ducks passed by, they both stood up at the same time and when one lost his balance, hunting buddy accidently shot and hit him in the head.

There are many of these types of accidents that take place every season.  Some purely accidental, some claim to be accidental but for the most part they could be have prevented with a little more care for other hunters and precautions.  Some states with keep the deer rifle and waterfowl season apart from each other in hopes it prevents more accidents.

What fears some the most is the possibility of states adopting an already-in-place deer regulation for duck hunters.  At least 6 states now require 144 square inches of blazing orange panels to be used during any firearm deer season on public land.  Of course that would be absolutely pointless to apply for duck hunters but then again, anything is possible.  This is just a thought and will probably never happen.

The best advice to give is know when other seasons will be open in your state, make your presence known – perhaps making some noise occasionally, carry your phone on you and have your local Game Warden/Officer’s contact number, let someone know where you’re going AND the time you should be back by, always check your gun and ammo, be sure to know what is beyond your target and NEVER assume anything.

May you all have a great successful season and most important of all, return home safely!

Christian Waterfowl Association

The Christian Waterfowlers Association was formed in September 2009 by Tim Sallee to combine people’s passion for waterfowling with their passion for Christ. To give meaning to our adventurous nature that we are born with and use it for something that stretches beyond the tradition of waterfowling. To work within the waterfowling community to preserve our waterfowl tradition and impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Wicked Wildlife Outdoors

Wicked Wildlife Outdoors was launched on Facebook only 11 months ago.  Now reaching over 38,000 Likes, they have become extremely popular.  Photos, Pro Staff, videos, great sponsors and amazing giveaways have assited in their popularity.  Job well done WWO!

Facebook Page:

Read their “About” below:

We are an organization that thrives on hunting and the outdoors, but also we want to be involved with so much more. Whether it be encouraging and promoting hunting education and experience for the next generation hunters or helping an elderly hunter that can no longer hunt alone and needs a hunting companion. We want to build and sustain long-term relationships with quality sportsmen from across the nation. WE GOT GAME… DO YOU?

Current Facebook Cover Photo

Current Facebook Cover Photo

Camera Line Up

We researched have listed the most popular POV (Point-of-View) cameras.  Providing product details to help you make a decision when searching for that right camera.

Note: These cameras are not listed in any particular order.


Hero3GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun. via  Video:


Warranty: 1 year limited

Digital Still Resolution:  Up to 5.0MP 

High Definition:  Yes (1080p)

Audio Recording:  Yes

Time Lapse Recording:  Yes, interval snapshot recording

Remote Control:  Yes (Optional)

Type of Lens:  Fisheye

Type of Mount:  Base Plate with Pivot Arms (Video: only with select GoPro quick-release cameras.

Flash Memory: MicroSD Card – not included

Connectivity: USB-HDMI

Rechargeable Battery:  Yes

External Mic Ready: Yes (3.5mm Mic Sold Separately) 

Color:  White with Clear Housing

Shoot and Share:  No

Waterproof:  Yes

What’s Included – GoPro

  • GoPro HERO3 HD Camcorder
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • QR Buckle, 1 curved Adhesive Mount, 1 Flat adhesive Mount, Assorted Mounts and Mounting Hardware
  • Owner’s Manual

$199.99 via




TactacamA good camera has to have a good lens and a good image sensor.  Well, the new Tactacam has both.  Using the best lenses with a 12 megapixel sensor to record your hunt.  Fisheye lenses push everything away making them not ideal for hunting.  Tactacam uses a 60 degree lens this is very close to the view that we see with the human eye. via  Video:


Warranty: 6 Months, No Questions Asked

Digital Still Resolution:  12MP 

High Definition:  Yes (1080p)

Audio Recording:  Yes

Time Lapse Recording:  No

Remote Control:  No

Type of Lens:  60 Degree Lens

Type of Mount:  Tripod Mount – Compatible with most tripods and attachments with a 1/4″ diameter threading.

Flash Memory: MicroSD Card – not included

Connectivity: USB-HDMI

Rechargeable Battery:  Yes – via USB Charging

External Mic Ready: Yes (2.5mm Mic Sold Separately) 

Color:  Realtree Xtra, Realtree APS, Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT, Flat Black and Tactical Mixed

Shoot and Share:  Yes (Facebook and YouTube Ready)

Waterproof:  Yes

What’s Included – Tactacam

  • Tactacam Camcorder
  • Bow Stabilizer Mount
  • Gun Mount
  • AUX/Universal Mount
  • Data/USB Charging Cord with Wall Charger Adapter
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • External Mic Closure (External Mic Not Included)
  • User Manual

$229.99 via


XCEL HD Hunting Edition

XCELCapture full HD 1080p footage of your hunt with this compact action camera. Perfect for mounting to your bow, scope or forehead allowing you to replay, enjoy and share every moment of your hunt with wide angle video. via  Video:



Warranty: 1 Year Full Warranty

Digital Still Resolution:  5MP

High Definition:  Yes (1080p or 720) 

Audio Recording:  Yes

Time Lapse Recording:  Yes

Remote Control:  Yes (Included)

Type of Lens:  Fisheye

Type of Mount:  Base Plate with Pivot Arms

Flash Memory: MicroSD Card – not included

Connectivity: USB-HDMI

Rechargeable Battery:  Yes

External Mic Ready: Yes (2.5mm Mic Sold Separately)

Color:  Black Carbon Fiber Look with Camo Housing

Shoot and Share:  Unconfirmed

Waterproof:  Yes

What’s Included – XCEL HD

  • XCEL HD Hunting Edition Camcorder
  • Camo Waterproof Housing
  • Remote Control + Velcro Strap
  • Lithium-ion Battery + Battery Cover
  • HDMI + USB Cables
  • Carrying Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Lens Cleaning Clothe
  • Slide Adapter
  • Quick Release Stand
  • Head Strap Mount
  • Bow Mount (Suitable for all bow models having an opening for a stabilizer)
  • Scope Mount  (Fits any scope within 0.91” to 1.38” diameter)
  • Lens Protector

$250.00 at select retailers only