Take An Extra Moment

Many things can happen while hunting to make it dangerous.  Such as a clogged shotgun barrel, a ricocheted bullet, use of improperly sized shell or bullet or carrying a loaded gun.  So we take precautions to prevent these from happening.  But there is only so much you can do when you or another hunter does not take the same proper safety precautions.

Just a couple days ago, in Foster County, ND a duck hunter was shot in the lower abdomen after a deer hunter shot at a running deer.  These duck hunters were in the mist of putting on their blazing orange clothing when this accident happened.  As of today, there have not been any updates of this investigation but the local Sheriff reported the injury did not appear to be life threating.

In Oct. 2013, a newlywed duck hunter just 23 years old was fatally shot by his friend while duck hunting from a boat.    As a group of ducks passed by, they both stood up at the same time and when one lost his balance, hunting buddy accidently shot and hit him in the head.

There are many of these types of accidents that take place every season.  Some purely accidental, some claim to be accidental but for the most part they could be have prevented with a little more care for other hunters and precautions.  Some states with keep the deer rifle and waterfowl season apart from each other in hopes it prevents more accidents.

What fears some the most is the possibility of states adopting an already-in-place deer regulation for duck hunters.  At least 6 states now require 144 square inches of blazing orange panels to be used during any firearm deer season on public land.  Of course that would be absolutely pointless to apply for duck hunters but then again, anything is possible.  This is just a thought and will probably never happen.

The best advice to give is know when other seasons will be open in your state, make your presence known – perhaps making some noise occasionally, carry your phone on you and have your local Game Warden/Officer’s contact number, let someone know where you’re going AND the time you should be back by, always check your gun and ammo, be sure to know what is beyond your target and NEVER assume anything.

May you all have a great successful season and most important of all, return home safely!