5 Items To Have In Your Bag

Most blind bags have one or two extra pockets that sometimes, let’s face it, we don’t use.  Well here are 5 items to have in your bag’s extra pockets.

trash_bags_3Black Trash Bag – A black trash bag has a lot of different possible uses.  While setting out decoys in a pond, a friend of mine tripped and filled up his waders full of water.  Keep in mine, this was in January.  With an extra hoodie and a black trash bag in his truck, he quickly changed clothes.  Using the trash bag as a shirt, he was able to stay warm just enough to get a limit and head to the house.

A black trash bag can be tucked away in the smallest hole within your bag and be used for a wind block, waterproof bandages, fight hypothermia, cold compress, water container, storage, water filter, rain cover and may other emergency and survival needs.

shoppingPortable Battery Charger – Even though a lot of you may say that you do not carry your phone on you, we recommend you should.  Keep it turned off to avoid interruptions is a great way to save battery and I don’t blame you for not wanting to get phone calls or texts!  But carry it on you for one reason, in case something happens.

To make sure you have all the battery life you need, get a portable battery charger.  Most of these can be found by shopping on online or in most stores.  You charge them the night before you hunt and toss it in a ziploc bag in your blind bag and you’re set.  Most will have at least a 1500mah battery that when turned off, will last a very long time.  Once your cell phone’s battery is getting close to dieing, plug it into your portable charger!  It will charge your phone to 100%!

antiseptic-wipes_285_large_imageAntiseptic Wipes – Not a lot of explanation with this one.  They are small and effective for sanitizing any time of wound and/or cleaning your hands after handle any raw meat.  They can be purchased at any Walmart or CVS/Pharmacy stores.



Bayer Aspirin – Take a few of these, place them into one or two ziploc bags (to waterproof) then put them in your bag!  The best for pain relief and to reduce the risks of a heart attack and stroke.

tealight-candlesTea Light Candles – This is in the same category as the black trash bags above, a lot of uses.  A tea light candle is small and can be placed in any pocket or available hole in your bag.

These are great for keeping a flame, create a small heater along with a can or bottle, small flame for quickly sanitizing the point of a knife or even a needle, instant lamp and will light very easily once the wick has been burned.

All of these items can easily fit into any blind bag pocket.  As well as any of the Otterbox Dryboxes, I personally like the 1000 series.  Check out all the Dryboxes here: http://www.otterbox.com/waterproof-cases/waterproof-cases,default,sc.html

David Williams
David Williams

I never leave home without tie wraps... there are so many uses your a fool not to have a hand full in the bag


That is a great suggestion!