Light Goose Conservation Order – D.U.

Light goose conservation order is a well anticipated season for waterfowl hunters as it is the time to have an absolute blast.  Besides the fact that the birds are everywhere, the regulations are relaxed allowing for optimal harvesting.  Ducks Unlimited put together the basics about this fun and important season below.

In the late 1990s, then-DU-Chief-Biologist Dr. Bruce Batt served as chairman of a committee anxious to address a very serious conservation problem: overabundant mid-continent snow geese causing damage to arctic and sub-arctic nesting grounds critical to a variety of other waterfowl and wildlife. With the light goose population increasing by five percent each year, Batt and his fellow committee members performed population modeling and made a recommendation to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Service that pleased many waterfowl hunters.

“We were concerned about the degradation of this habitat in the arctic and sub-arctic regions, and we found the best way to control adult survival was to relax hunting restrictions on snow, blue and Ross’s geese,” Batt said. “This option made the most sense. Hunting is a socially acceptable pastime, hunters are educated in the proper methods and they could help our cause at basically no cost to the government or private conservation organizations.”

The eased-up restrictions this act has provided for hunters include:

  • The ability to use electronic callers

  • The ability to use unplugged shotguns

  • Shooting hours extended to a half-hour past sunset

  • No bag limit

  • Hunters must possess a valid hunting license from any state.

  • Shooting hours during the Snow, Blue and Ross’ Goose Conservation Order are one-half (½) hour before sunrise (local time) until one-half (½) hour after sunset (local time).

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