Rain, Great for Nesting Ducks

pic_newsWell-Timed Spring Rains Great for Nesting Ducks

The off-season if full of activity, including the filling of many different bodies of water within the Prairie Pothole Region.

Delta Waterfowl’s Associate Editor, Tyler Shoberg published a news article shedding more light on the benefit of this rainy Spring season up North.




Click here for Delta Waterfowl’s article: http://www.deltawaterfowl.org/news/article/2014/05/12/well-timed-spring-rains-great-for-nesting-ducks

A Reliable & Versitale Dog Blind

Waterfowl Junkie, who released the famous Bird Hitch has launched another innovative product.  However this time, they had dog owners in mind.

The all-new Switchback Dog Kennel Blind is a great and more durable alternative to those slip-on, pop-up or cheaply made blinds.  The Switchback is constructed of an all-aluminum frame and a stubble-strap body cover.  The Switchback features the following:

  • rugged screen mesh windows to allow dog 360 degree vision
  • quick release heavy duty steel-gate door
  • lots of room, yet a low profile structure – 40″X26.5″X18″
  • zip-on curtain if your dog doesn’t need the gate while hunting
  • collapsible and sets up in seconds.  Great for Transport, Home or Hotels. – 40″X26.5″X3″
  • a 1200D polyester flooring for extreme durability

Click here for more photos and video: http://waterfowljunkie.com/collections/all/products/switchback-dog-kennel-blinds