MA Outdoors

MA Outdoors, “Migration Ambush Outdoors” is a hunting production group featuring our youth within the waterfowl sport.  Combined with great sponsors in the waterfowl industry (Hevi-Shot, Hayes Calls, Tri-Tonics, ect…), they are producing great-to-watch high quality videos.  Their Facebook page will soon reach 1,500 “Likes” in which they will be giving away some cool items such as a MA Outdoors hoodie, 2 boxes of HEVI-Metal 3″ #2’s, a Lanyard Guy Lanyard, and a MA Outdoors TESTED DVD.  Click HERE to watch one of their videos!

Another great waterfowl page to “Like” and enjoy:

Take Action! Vital conservation grant programs in danger of eliminatio

If there was ever a good time to step in and help, now would be it!


Enough is enough! Congress has been slashing funding for conservation programs recently and it’s time for legislators to hear from sportsmen.

A House Appropriations bill has proposed zeroing out several vital grant programs such as the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). These programs combine non-federal dollars from partners such as Ducks Unlimited and match them with modest federal dollars in order to deliver millions of acres of habitat conservation on the ground. These programs are good for conservation, good for the economy and are good government.

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Hot New 2013 Goose Calls

The early goose season is just around the corner for most hunters and we took the liberty of searching around for the newest and hottest goose calls that were released for the 2013-2014 season.  Listed below in no particular order:


  • Field Proven’s Raptor – (Price Range: $30.00)

Raptor Poly





Field Proven released their Polycarbon goose call – Raptor.  Available in either Pearl or Blue. Shop Wing Supply.


  • Addicted Goose Calls – (Price Range: $140.00)

Addicted Goose Calls





Kelly’s Kalls – A call maker known for his Woodie Kall (Wood Duck call) and other fine wood calls released his Acrylic Addicted Goose Call line.  Available in Black or Pearl with different colored engraved logos.  Shop here.


  • Goey Calls Trainwreck – (Price Range $139.99)

Goey Trainwreck





Goey Calls release a big call in a small package.  The Trainwreck, available in either Orange Pearl or Green Pearl packs some unexpected notes.  Shop here.


  • Hayes Calls Meat Hook – (Price Range $79.95)

Meat Hook





Hayes Calls, known for their Bad AZZ call line combined the barrel of  their Bad Azz Goose call with a straight bore version of their Chain Gang Goose Call.   A great call with a lot of low end murmur.   Shop here.


  • Toxic Calls Angel De Morte’ – (Price Range $99.99)

Angel De Morte




Toxic Calls brings out their customizable Angel De Morte’ (Angel Of Death) with the guts at the bottom of the call and the longer barrel, you get the hollow sound of a Flute Call with the easy of operation of a Short Reed.  Shop here.


  • Real Calls Goose Call – (Price Range $135.00)





Real Calls has introduced an odd but an effective goose call.  Featuring a ball-shaped designed insert makes the calls feel and sound different.  Shop here.


DW – Introduces Bold New Logo

newlogoBISMARCK, N.D. — Delta Waterfowl has created a striking new logo to represent the storied waterfowl conservation organization as it evolves to face the ongoing challenges for ducks and duck hunters throughout North America.

Rooted in a historic foundation of waterfowl and wetlands research dating back to 1911, Delta’s leaders recognize that research alone won’t increase duck production, stop wetland losses or preserve waterfowl hunting. Using sound science as a guide, today’s Delta advances modern approaches to waterfowl and habitat conservation with a focus on producing ducks, all while standing strong for waterfowl hunters.

Delta’s new logo represents this evolution, …..Click here to read more!

DU, NFWF meet to discuss Gulf Coast restoration

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) met with Ducks Unlimited staff in Port Arthur, Texas, in late July to discuss DU’s Gulf Coast Initiative.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department hosted the meeting, assisted with a field tour and provided an overview of wetlands restoration opportunities in J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and southeast Texas. During the field tour, NFWF staff visited a variety of private and public coastal restoration sites, including Texas Prairie Wetlands Project restoration areas, J.D. Murphree WMA coastal marsh restoration sites and a marsh shoreline protection project along the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

The group had a productive discussion the following day at the …….Click here to read more!

A Breeze might turn to a storm

Drake, the Innovators in Waterfowl Hunting recently released a whole new type of decoy.  Drake’s Breeze-Ryder™ Decoys brings a change in the way your wrap your decoy line and it’s movement in the water.

Each Breeze-Ryder™ Decoy comes with integrated Cord Wrap Cleats allowing you to wrap your decoy line without a keel providing maximum movement.  These molded Cord Wrap Cleats offer durability and strength.  Located at the front and back of the decoy, the Cord Wrap Cleats have built-in Depth Adjuster Cord Locks for quickly adapting to different water depths.Drake-Breeze

The Cord Wrap Cleats are also equipped with Anchor Points providing you with two rigging points.  There are also two other extra Anchor Tabs allowing for rigging your decoys from multiple positions, which creates variable decoy movement.  Change your tabs on different decoys to give your spread a mix in movement.

Drake didn’t forget about the times when a keel is needed, so they introduced a new type.  The Breeze-Ryder™ Twist-Lock Keel is designed for those hunting situations that require a keel.  This cylindrical (circular cylinder) shaped & sand filled keel is unique and provides a hydro-dynamic, minimizing drag & maximizing decoy motion.  Drake-Breeze2The keel attaches to the decoy with a simple twist-lock mechanism which will keep the keel securely in place.

The new Breeze-Ryder™ Mallard Magnums retail for $70 while the keel’s MSRP are $12.00/half dozen.

“Duck Numbers Remain Strong”, says Delta Waterfowl

Breeding Population Survey estimates 45.6 million ducks; Water conditions right for excellent duck production


BISMARCK, N.D. — North America’s spring duck population is down slightly from record levels, but pond counts are up 24 percent over last year, according to the 2013 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey released today.

chart-dwThe survey, which has been conducted annually since 1955 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife service, puts the breeding duck population at 45.6 million, the second-highest level ever recorded.

“We started with high numbers of breeding ducks, and we have great water in the right places for renesting and duckling survival,” said Frank Rohwer, president of Delta Waterfowl. “Duck production should be excellent.”

Read the full story here.

WI – Sharpen your waterfowl shot.

East Troy, Wis. – As the pre-season gets closer, most waterfowlers will head down to their favorite shooting range to bust a box or two worth of clay pigeons.

Trap, skeet, and sporting clays provides us a challenge in a control environment.  They attract hunters by 10s of thousands year after year.  With clay pigeons being the target these sports, we as waterfowlers seek it to better our shot and become more familiar with the pattern of our favorite load.   Thus, making our skill level higher and wounded bird count lower.

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has brought a pilot program to their hunters this year.  Their “Wingshooting for Migratory Birds” program is intended to help with over-all shooting, shotgun patterning,  technique of leading, distance estimation, selection of loads and chokes as well as the awareness  and effectiveness of shooting ranges.

This program is a great idea, especially for those just getting into shooting and/or waterfowl hunting.  I wouldn’t be surprised if other State DNR began to follow suit.

American Waterfowl Systems

awsAmerican Waterfowl System started as a dream to marry the passion and drive we all experience in waterfowling with technology. American Waterfowl Systems(AWS) wants to bring the outdoors to your Android or Apple iPhone by making some of the best waterfowl and wildfowl ringtones in the industry.  Go check out their ringtones on Google Play on your Android phone and on the iTunes App on your iPhone.

The Colored-Enhanced Shot



If you have ever hunted with multiple friends in the blind, you know what’s it’s like for everyone to shoot at one bird then everyone claim it.  Well, now you can be certain if you shot it or not with Spectra Shots new premium shotgun shell.  Watch the video below to see first-hand!

Spectra Shot™ rolled out with a game changing shot shell for skeet shooting, turkey and waterfowl.  Loaded with a quality wad, hull, powder, and their patented -coated pellets, each shell makes for an optimal shot.

Their American made steel is cut and polished to tolerance making 99% of the pellets exactly the same.  While the coating is a DuPont type and also made by an American corporation.  The coating has been approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as it is non-toxic and leaves no residue.  A great benefit of this coating is, it adds a little bit of weight allowing for better impact and more clean kills.  Spectra Shot offers 4 colors such as Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.


With an average speed of 1480fps and the recoil management at the forefront of their engineering and design, the recoil was measured less than 30ft pounds.  Adding their coating to this helps even more by allowing a little faster show but not breaking up the pattern at the same time.