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QuackerSmackers.com is the premier waterfowl social networking website with tools that allow hunters to prepare for their next hunt and make every hunt successful. Although QS has a passion for chasing ducks, we created a site for all hunters!

Although QS won’t be sitting in the blind with you on every hunt, we still managed to find a way to help make every hunt a success. QS is here to do whatever it takes to make every day in the great outdoors an enjoyable day. We also give back! A percentage of all our sales goes to Ducks Unlimited to help continue preserve wetlands across North America. https://www.facebook.com/QuackerSmackers

Valley Waterfowlers

“For Hunters by Hunters”

About Valley Waterfowlers:
Valley Waterfowl works throughout the Pacific Flyway, with our home office located in Lodi, California which is in the heart of the San Joaquin Delta. We were founded in 2003 by a group of hunters who wanted to increase hunting opportunities for waterfowlers throughout the Pacific Flyway, while increasing waterfowl numbers.

Influencing the future…

Valley Waterfowl strongly believes that the key to a successful hunting season starts with good habitat. Because of this we are involved with area landowners to help increase their habitat for wintering waterfowl. This is done by constructing and maintaining nesting huts and wood duck boxes, as well as educating them on how to better maintain their land, in ways which would benefit waterfowl.

Involving our youth

We feel that the youth of today are very important to the future of waterfowl hunting, and thus we support and promote youth involvement by offering free hunter safety courses to our members. We plan to participate in youth hunt days as well as keeping the youth involved in our nesting projects. In a day and age of growing youth delinquency, we strive to instill our youth with good values and a positive understanding of nature.

Keep it local!

All proceeds of Valley Waterfowl work to support local projects. Our funds are used to benefit our members and waterfowl throughout the region. Unlike similar organizations we believe that our members deserve to see and locally benefit from their contributions. The innovative idea behind Valley Waterfowl, which separates it from other organizations, is not only its focus on the preservation of local wetlands but also the organization’s emphasis on promoting continued and new opportunities for local hunters to enjoy our hunting heritage.

Making a difference…

The involvement of hunters and those interested in waterfowl conservation is paramount to the success of Valley Waterfowl. The critical state of west coast sporting opportunities demands immediate attention and change. Valley Waterfowl is the new unified voice for the Pacific Flyway. To begin making a difference today, print out and return the membership form to Valley Waterfowl headquarters or contact a Valley Waterfowl representative.

Duck Commander Shadow Single Reed Mallard Hen Call

Affordable & Effective.

Rating: 8/10 Jump aboard.


For a lot of us as duck hunters, choosing a duck call can be the hardest choice we come across. People have asked me in that past, “What is the best duck call”. My answer always sounded something like this, “I’m not sure I could ever answer that question.” Well, perhaps I might. Behind every great duck call is a duck caller.
Most duck hunters will stick with what has worked and proven it is duck killing worthy and I easily understand as well as respect that. As for myself, I like to try what’s new. I’m always thinking to myself, have they found something that works better?

Duck Commander released the all new Shadow Single Reed Mallard Hen Call in late 2012. A great mid-range single reed that is just as easy to blow and get used to as a double reed. Now I know what some of you seasoned duck hunters are thinking, here’s another single reed and I do not like single reeds. However, I do believe Duck Commander might have found a way to make the single reeds hang with the big boys. Being 4 3/4″ long, long reed board with a long wedge and just over an inch at it’s widest, the polycarbonate Shadow is great in size and allows you to easily be affective in executing quacks, feeding chuckle other cadences. It can certainly get quiet but with the long wedge it is difficult to break over when trying to hit the comeback notes.

Yes, the cost is low but don’t let the cost make you think you are getting what you are paying for.  A single reed that can sound great and is easy to use is worth more than $30, in my opinion. Jump onboard, because this ship isn’t sinking, JACK!

Primos Speak Easy

Small but powerful.

Rating: 7/10 Very good, size is great!


My friends called me to say we were heading to a public hunting area to camp for the night. They also wanted to shoot a couple coyotes. Grabbing my gun, hiking backpack and tent, I remembered my wife bought an electric call for my birthday. With my hiking backpack rather full, I stuck the new Primos Speak Easy remote in a pocket and strapped on the speaker.

After setting up our small camp, I took the speaker to the tree line and strapped it to a limb of a small tree. Walked back 40 yards, grabbed the remote that was hanging from my lanyard and pressed, Coyote Howls & Barks just one of the six buttons that is pre-programmed with tried and true sounds from Randy Anderson.

Throughout the afternoon into the evening, we switched sounds, mixed sounds, stopped and resumed, and adjusted the LED powered volume level. As the night gets closer we got a little desperate. So, we turned up the volume to the max (Level 5). With no distortion and 40 yards from the speaker, we lured in a coyote and accomplished our goal for the night. Before we got ready for the walk back to camp, I found out the remote and speaker can be attached to each other. This helps a lot, since I tend to lose a lot of stuff.

If you are looking for professional calling at the push of a button and under $50, the Primos Speak Easy is the electric predator call for you!

Kelly Outdoors Online Radio Show

This program is dedicated to the outdoor sports that I grew up with and love to this day, Hunting, Fishing etc. I am a Custom Call maker and make custom hand carved/turned Duck and Goose calls. I love waterfowling so there will be plenty of that on the show. The show is Geared towards experianced outdoorsmen as well as those just getting started in the outdoor world.

Start listening by clicking HERE!

Light Goose Dilemma

Since the Migratory Bird Treaty Act was signed in 1918, the main objective of North America’s waterfowl management community has been to maintain or increase duck and goose populations.

In recent decades, however, waterfowl managers have faced a new challenge as populations of lesser snow, greater snow, and Ross’s geese—collectively known as light geese—have soared to alarmingly high levels.

For the full article, please click HERE.

Service Proposes Changes to Nontoxic Shot Approval Regulations

The Service has proposed changes to the regulations that govern approvals of nontoxic shot and coatings for use in waterfowl hunting. The regulations are in need of updating to address questions regularly raised by companies that apply for nontoxic shot or nontoxic coating approvals to provide for withdrawal of alloys that law enforcement officers cannot distinguish from lead shot in the field.

The full article – HERE

Predator Management Means More Ducks

Bismarck, N.D. — Delta Waterfowl’s predator management research continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of strategic trapping on waterfowl nest success.

“We’re extremely impressed at the results our trappers are getting,” says Joel Brice, vice president of conservation for Delta Waterfowl. “In Manitoba, there’s a 10-fold increase in nest success. This is incredible.

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