Best Waterfowl Videos

Best Waterfowl Videos was launched on Facebook July 2013.  Now reaching over 19,000 Likes, they have become extremely popular.  Sharing great video footage from fans have submitted and shared their own videos have assisted in their popularity.  Job well done Best Waterfowl Videos!

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It’s simple. We love Duck Hunting. Goose Hunting. Birds Over Fields, Muddy Waders and a Wet Retriever. We love being able to shake hands with a perfect stranger and talk for hours sharing stories and continuing this great tradition. We’re the type that doesn’t blink at a 3:00 wake up on your only day off, followed by a half mile hike through the mud…We’re waterfowl hunters.

The internet today is full of film-it-yourself duck hunters living our favorite moments. This page is dedicated to creating a place for you to safely share your hunts, as well as provide you with daily updates of the very best videos, conservation initiatives and articles to your news feed.

Wicked Wildlife Outdoors

Wicked Wildlife Outdoors was launched on Facebook only 11 months ago.  Now reaching over 38,000 Likes, they have become extremely popular.  Photos, Pro Staff, videos, great sponsors and amazing giveaways have assited in their popularity.  Job well done WWO!

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Read their “About” below:

We are an organization that thrives on hunting and the outdoors, but also we want to be involved with so much more. Whether it be encouraging and promoting hunting education and experience for the next generation hunters or helping an elderly hunter that can no longer hunt alone and needs a hunting companion. We want to build and sustain long-term relationships with quality sportsmen from across the nation. WE GOT GAME… DO YOU?

Current Facebook Cover Photo

Current Facebook Cover Photo

MA Outdoors

MA Outdoors, “Migration Ambush Outdoors” is a hunting production group featuring our youth within the waterfowl sport.  Combined with great sponsors in the waterfowl industry (Hevi-Shot, Hayes Calls, Tri-Tonics, ect…), they are producing great-to-watch high quality videos.  Their Facebook page will soon reach 1,500 “Likes” in which they will be giving away some cool items such as a MA Outdoors hoodie, 2 boxes of HEVI-Metal 3″ #2’s, a Lanyard Guy Lanyard, and a MA Outdoors TESTED DVD.  Click HERE to watch one of their videos!

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American Waterfowl Systems

awsAmerican Waterfowl System started as a dream to marry the passion and drive we all experience in waterfowling with technology. American Waterfowl Systems(AWS) wants to bring the outdoors to your Android or Apple iPhone by making some of the best waterfowl and wildfowl ringtones in the industry.  Go check out their ringtones on Google Play on your Android phone and on the iTunes App on your iPhone.

Dumpin Ducks

8855555Looking for a proactive waterfowl Facebook page?  Our Featured Facebook Page category is just that.  We find great pages and feature them here

DumpinDucksInc, better known as Dumpin Ducks with their cool and modern logo design, new video intro (CLICK HERE TO WATCH), cool shirts, barrel decals and window decals have just over 5,200 Likes.  Sharing season photos, off-season photos, holding contests and offering guided duck hunts one of the hottest states – Arkansas.  They also have partnered up with some great companies in the industry such as Muddy Water Camo and Kick’s Choke Tubes, ultimately making their contest very popular.

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Quacker Smackers is the premier waterfowl social networking website with tools that allow hunters to prepare for their next hunt and make every hunt successful. Although QS has a passion for chasing ducks, we created a site for all hunters!

Although QS won’t be sitting in the blind with you on every hunt, we still managed to find a way to help make every hunt a success. QS is here to do whatever it takes to make every day in the great outdoors an enjoyable day. We also give back! A percentage of all our sales goes to Ducks Unlimited to help continue preserve wetlands across North America.