Call Bridle

“The Call Bridle is just another tool to make your hunt a little smoother!”

Keep your calls closer, warmer, safer, hidden, instantly available – these are benefits of the Call Bridle from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors. This neoprene tool is another great product from Down-N-Dirty that kinda makes you think, “why didn’t someone think of this earlier?”.

The Call Bridle provides four individual call pouches with each attaching your calls to a d-ring using black straps. The bridle feature neoprene neck straps and under-arm straps. This is great for any type of hunting such as laying on a pond dam or in a layout blind where your calls slide to one side.

Check out this video from Down-N-Dirty Outdoors:

The Colored-Enhanced Shot



If you have ever hunted with multiple friends in the blind, you know what’s it’s like for everyone to shoot at one bird then everyone claim it.  Well, now you can be certain if you shot it or not with Spectra Shots new premium shotgun shell.  Watch the video below to see first-hand!

Spectra Shot™ rolled out with a game changing shot shell for skeet shooting, turkey and waterfowl.  Loaded with a quality wad, hull, powder, and their patented -coated pellets, each shell makes for an optimal shot.

Their American made steel is cut and polished to tolerance making 99% of the pellets exactly the same.  While the coating is a DuPont type and also made by an American corporation.  The coating has been approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service as it is non-toxic and leaves no residue.  A great benefit of this coating is, it adds a little bit of weight allowing for better impact and more clean kills.  Spectra Shot offers 4 colors such as Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.


With an average speed of 1480fps and the recoil management at the forefront of their engineering and design, the recoil was measured less than 30ft pounds.  Adding their coating to this helps even more by allowing a little faster show but not breaking up the pattern at the same time.

J.B. Mud Motors – One Tough Mudder

Motorized decoys, great sounding acrylic calls, performance enhanced shot shells – they are all expensive but are useless if you can’t get where the birds are.  Experienced waterfowlers will be quick to tell you, they agree.  Rivers, lakes, creeks, backwater sloughs, flooded timbers & flooded fields are great places to find ducks and geese but they’re also home to mud motors.  Although not a brand new technology, high-performance mud motors also have become an accepted and reliable method to get duck hunters where they need to be.

561593_480255368685483_1460265153_nWhether you are using a common 1436 Jon, 2072 Jon or a layout boat, investing in a mud motor is a no-brainer.  With a mud motor you are able to navigate through the toughest marshes quickly and safely.  Unlike traditional outboards, surface drives and long shafted mud motors move vertically on the boat’s transom ensuring you don’t shred your prop’s cotter pin and allow you to use little water to get from point A to point B.  They also are air cooled instead of water-cooled, allowing you to use little water or mud for longer distances.  Let’s not forget those freezing cold mornings when you can just start it up out of the water while you get all your gear ready!

Constructed of an all-steel frame and either chain or belt-driven, J.B. Mud Motors out of Chattanooga, TN are producing a very durable, inexpensive – high torque surface drive.  J.B. Mud Motors, a father and son duo set out to create not only a reliable and afford able surface drive mud motor but to also bring the best value to our customers “the working man”.  They have done just that.  They offer their 6.5 HP for $1675.00 , a 13 HP for $2,650.00 , and their 15 HP for $2,750.00 plus sales tax.  We don’t want to forget the cost-to-own either.  J.B. Mud motors also require little maintenance.  A little chain lubricant here and there and change the oil.

The 6.5HP J.B. Mud Motor is the only one that is chain-driven, all others are belt driven.

UPDATE AS OF 5/6/14:  “We will be adding the 20 HP and the 25 HP in about a month or two!”

JBMM 6.5 HP $1675.00

JBMM 6.5HP $1675.00  Chain-Driven



JBMM 15 $2750.00

JBMM 15HP $2750.00 Belt-Driven

The torque is what I like”, said Chris Inman a J.B. Mud Motor customer.  “We had a jon boat loaded with a few guys and about 250 pounds of gear and my motor was pushing us on top of the ice, allowing us to break through and get to our spot.”  Chris also mentioned how he hunts with guys with other top-of-the-market mud motors and he can go anywhere they can.

Click here for a video of J.B. Mud Motors!


DCVR Superior Outdoor Products allow you to transform floaters into field decoys.


DCVR Superior Outdoor Products released their new innovated products featuring the most popular, Amphibious Decoy Stake.  These products let you take any decoy with a “keel” and quickly and easily transform it into a standing decoy.  Made of ¼” cold-rolled steel and powder coated, it makes it perfect for placing them at the water’s edge, through ice in a shallow pond, cut corn field and many other scenarios.  DCVR has released a total of 8 different stakes including the Turkey Auger Stake, Spinning Wing Auger Stake, Spinning Wing Decoy Stand, the Amphibious Decoy Stake, Stand, Low-Profile Stand, Dual Decoy Stake & Stand.  In select stake boxes, DCVR gives you one Defeeters Duck Feet and Goose Feet.  These along with their black rubber Stabilizers, are available as accessories.