“Creating The Perfect Storm”

kicks GOT logo large2Kick’s Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of shotgun choke tubes that specializes in improving your shotgun patterns. Our “High Flyer” waterfowl chokes are designed to increase pattern performance while reducing muzzle jump and felt recoil. “High Flyer” chokes are manufactured from 17-4PH stainless steel and machined to precise tolerances on CNC equipment. Kick’s chokes are diagonally ported at a 135 degree angle away from the shooter, which reduce side blasts that are prevalent in ports that are 90 degrees or less. Because if it’s sharp angle, the inside forward lip grabs, stabilizes and slows the wad for faster separation of the wad and shot column. This feature combined with a parallel section where the constriction is held constant produces great patterns. “High Flyer” chokes are also available for virtually any shotgun on the market in 10, 12 and 20 gauges and are offered in Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full, and XFull. Chokes feature a black finish, are laser marked and don’t require a wrench for installation or removal. “High Flyer” chokes are designed for steel shot or any non-toxic load but will also pattern lead loads as well.

Kicks has also teamed with Federal Ammunition & the Duck Commander to offer the new Kicks “Vortex” choke tube, specifically designed to be used with Federal “Black Cloud” ammo. Kicks “Vortex” chokes are a culmination of months of engineering & pattern testing delivering dense, uniform patterns shooting “Black Cloud” ammo. “Vortex” chokes are also available in Improved Cylinder, Modified, Full & XFull constrictions as well as safe to use with any non-toxic shot. When 3 powerhouses in the waterfowl industry work together to bring you a product and Phil Robertson, the “Duck Commander” puts his signature on that product, you know it is the Real Deal! Federal “Black Cloud” ammo “Drops ducks like rain”. Kicks “Vortex” choke tubes “Create the Perfect Storm”!


For best performance with ammunition other than Federal “Black Cloud”,you will need to use “Kicks High Flyer” chokes.

Federal “Black Cloud” ammo “Drops ducks like rain” & Kicks “Vortex” choke tubes “Create the Perfect Storm”!

You can call Kick’s at 1-800-587-2779 or check with your local dealer. You may also log on to the website @ www.kicks-ind.com