Swap Out



Rating: 10/10 Comfort and Versatile.

As lanyards start to take a positive ascent in the world of game call accessories, one great manufacture continues to stay ahead of the game.  Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear and their “Swap Out” lanyard has got to be the most versatile and comfortable quality lanyard I have ever worn.

Call lanyards have become extremely abundant during the last few years.  With social media at the aid, you can search Facebook and have more results than you could image.  For some people,  making lanyards has become just a hobby while others have started small businesses.  But for Heavy Hauler, lanyards are more than just that.  Heavy Hauler takes lanyards and mixes in some awesome innovation.  Mixing high-quality braiding, neoprene, clips and swivels to make the Swap Out one of the most desirable lanyards on the market today.

Contains strap and two detachable braided lanyards.

What comes in the package.

The Swap Out features a Neoprene neck strap (featuring Max-4 camo and premium stitching), 2 detachable braided sections (green & tan – black & tan),  8 braided call haulers (with clips so you can position them where you would like) allowing for 4 calls to be hanging and tangled free and an additional clip for a whistle.  Have the 2 braided sections allows you to carry 4 calls on the lanyard with 4 more in your blind/pit bag.

Heavy Hauler has an accessory for this great accessory, the Quick Attach Duck Straps.  They use the same clips as the call braided section, so within seconds you have switched from calls to ducks hanging around your neck.  Great for that day when you reach your limit!  Simply undo your calls from the neck strap and clip on the Duck Straps.   You are now  ready to carry your birds back to the truck!  Watch this video of Jason Bird (Owner) as he demonstrates how to do so.

The Swap Out has become one of the most popular and sought after call lanyards since it’s introduction into the waterfowl market.  If it doesn’t say,  “Heavy Hauler”, it’s not the original Swap Out and can be found in retail stores for $34.99 which is an amazing price for such a versatile product and the Duck Straps are only $7.99!

I’m giving this lanyard a 10/10 simply because it’s everything I need with no complaints.  It’s just myself, this lanyard has been given an average of 4.8 stars from all the major sporting goods stores.


Limit in the Morning, Gold in the Afternoon. Redemption Calls provides high quality duck and goose calls, at a price you can afford.

Redemption Calls LLC is proud to announce the newest additions to our product lineup:

The Keystone Crush Goose Call and the Fits-the-Bill Duck call.

Redemption Calls LLC strives to deliver great products, at a price hunters can afford. We do everything we can in order to get you a call at the lowest possible price possible. We spend hours perfecting our processes in order to provide the best sounding and most durable calls on the market. We take our savings and pass them on to you, so you can enjoy hunting and reap the success of these calls like we have, at a price you can afford.


The Keystone Crush goose call is one of the most all purpose goose calls on the market today. With its wide range of tone the Keystone Crush can hit anything from deep, gravely murmurs all the way up to high pitched fast calling. This call can earn you a limit in the  morning, and get you a gold on stage in the afternoon. The call has an endless amount of choices whether it is in Acrylic, Cocobolo, Bocote, Hedge, Walnut, Goncalo Alves, or African Blackwood it sounds great!

In the field: For nearly two years, the staff at Redemption Calls has tested the Keystone Crush in the harshest terrain and landscape that the east coast has to offer. Through all this testing the Keystone Crush has proven time and time again to be one of the most reliable calls on the market. The Keystone Crush allows the hunter to go from loud calling down to subtle, finesse calling at a moments notice. This is a call made by hunters, for hunters.

The Keystone Crush has the ability to hit deep, gravely tones in the beginning of the season for those large resident birds, all the way up to fast high pitched tones for those late season migrators. The best part about it is all of this can be done without ever changing the tuning of the call.

On the stage: The Keystone Crush’s unique design not only allows it to be a versatile, all purpose hunting call, but also allows it to be one of the best sounding competition goose calls on the market today. The Keystone Crush has a large range of volume and power that make it a force to be reckoned with when you step onto the stage.

The Keystone Crush combines explosive volume and a lightening fast response with the unique ability to hit any note a judge could want. Whether you are hitting higher pitched, high volume hails, or your working down to the finesse trick notes and murmurs, this call has everything you could ever want in a comp call.  Visit the link below to hear the Keystone Crush in action.

(Link to Call sound file): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3c7OuaagZM


The Fits-the-Bill duck call is a call that both birds and hunters can’t get enough of. This duck call’s raspy tone, with its whiny squeal makes it perfect for that soft, sexy calling that drives Mallards crazy. This call features a single reed or double reed design with a smaller back-bore so the call blows soft and easy for those close in birds. We offer this call in many different colors of acrylic, Cocobolo, Bocote, Hedge, Walnut, Goncalo Alves, or African Blackwood.

In the field: Much like our Keystone Crush Goose Call, The Fits-the-Bill duck call has heavily tested in nearly all types of climates on the east coast in the Atlantic Flyway. The staff at Redemption Calls took this call out into the field hunting and put it through a gauntlet of tests to ensure that it would hold up in any condition. Whether you are feed chuckling to some close in mallards in the middle of snow and freezing rain, or hailing  to a group of ducks out in the distance on a sunny day, this call will perform flawlessly.

We originally designed this call to be used as a hunting call, and that is evident from the moment you pick it up and start blowing it. This call is all duck. It can get loud and hail out to birds in the distance, or get low and soft to work those close in birds with finesse and pure-duck tone. We have enjoyed a ton of success using this duck call our in the field and we hope you can too. Get yours today!